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Earn Lucrative Gains with NBA Draft Lottery Live In Game Betting


The NBA Draft Lottery is an annual event that is held by the National Basketball Association in which the teams who had missed the playoffs that year participate in a lottery process to determine the draft order in the NBA Draft. The NBA Draft Lottery was started in the year 1985. The lottery winner would get the first selection in the draft. Another highly anticipated event, 2017 NBA Draft Lottery scheduled for May 16th, intervenes the proceedings and beckons hoops fans of all interests. The lottery event gives a sporting chance for teams, who missed the cut last season, to vault into this year’s playoffs.

Pegged at +280, the Boston are the favorites to make the cut in the first pick. Coming in a close second are the Phoenix listed at +380. While the Basketball fever amps up, Linesmaker chips in with a bonus on the deposits made. This weekend, you can expect high-octane racing action to overwhelm you. Meanwhile, Linesmaker has come up with the latest in a game betting schedule. So, get ready to dig into some amazing winnings.

Live in Game Betting

Brace yourself for the latest in game betting this week. Besides, live in-game betting, Linesmaker members can cash in on special props throughout the game.

In-Game Sports Betting Schedule

Live Sports Betting and Much More…

Linesmaker Sportsbook has all the excitement and enthusiasm. With an extensive range of betting options like parlays, spreads, teasers, and moneyline, bettors can cash in on games like NFL and NBAA, among others. So, give yourself a sporting chance to claim whopping returns from wagering.

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Billy O'Shea has been a sports writer for Linesmaker Sports since 2012. Raised in Toronto, Canada he has a keen interest in sports analytics especially wagering behavior as a predictive model for sports outcomes.