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World Series Odds

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World Series Odds

Date Team Odds
10.31.15 Arizona Diamondbacks 250/1 BET
10.31.15 Atlanta Braves 80/1 BET
10.31.15 Baltimore Orioles 30/1 BET
10.31.15 Boston Red Sox 16/1 BET
10.31.15 Chicago Cubs 14/1 BET
10.31.15 Chicago White Sox 30/1 BET
10.31.15 Cincinnati Reds 100/1 BET
10.31.15 Cleveland Indians 35/1 BET
10.31.15 Colorado Rockies 80/1 BET
10.31.15 Detroit Tigers 7/1 BET
10.31.15 Houston Astros 40/1 BET
10.31.15 Kansas City Royals 15/1 BET
10.31.15 Los Angeles Angels 20/1 BET
10.31.15 Los Angeles Dodgers 7/1 BET
10.31.15 Miami Marlins 70/1 BET
10.31.15 Milwaukee Brewers 200/1 BET
10.31.15 Minnesota Twins 250/1 BET
10.31.15 New York Mets 12/1 BET
10.31.15 New York Yankees 25/1 BET
10.31.15 Oakland Athletics 30/1 BET
10.31.15 Philadelphia Phillies 1000/1 BET
10.31.15 Pittsburgh Pirates 25/1 BET
10.31.15 San Diego Padres 16/1 BET
10.31.15 San Francisco Giants 40/1 BET
10.31.15 Seattle Mariners 20/1 BET
10.31.15 St Louis Cardinals 12/1 BET
10.31.15 Tampa Bay Rays 50/1 BET
10.31.15 Texas Rangers 600/1 BET
10.31.15 Toronto Blue Jays 35/1 BET
10.31.15 Washington Nationals 9/1 BET

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