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2016 Super Bowl Line

Super Bowl Lines

Preview the current Super Bowl line and preview all NFL betting odds instantly. No one does the Super Bowl like Linesmaker. As well as betting the 2017 Super Bowl line, we will have over a thousand unique propositions bets and betting options for the big game!

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Super Bowl Line

Date Team Odds
02.03.19 Arizona Cardinals 100/1 BET
02.03.19 Atlanta Falcons 20/1 BET
02.03.19 Baltimore Ravens 40/1 BET
02.03.19 Buffalo Bills 100/1 BET
02.03.19 Carolina Panthers 35/1 BET
02.03.19 Chicago Bears 100/1 BET
02.03.19 Cincinnati Bengals 100/1 BET
02.03.19 Cleveland Browns 150/1 BET
02.03.19 Dallas Cowboys 30/1 BET
02.03.19 Denver Broncos 40/1 BET
02.03.19 Detroit Lions 60/1 BET
02.03.19 Green Bay Packers 12/1 BET
02.03.19 Houston Texans 25/1 BET
02.03.19 Indianapolis Colts 40/1 BET
02.03.19 Jacksonville Jaguars 25/1 BET
02.03.19 Kansas City Chiefs 30/1 BET
02.03.19 Los Angeles Chargers 30/1 BET
02.03.19 Los Angeles Rams 22/1 BET
02.03.19 Miami Dolphins 100/1 BET
02.03.19 Minnesota Vikings 15/1 BET
02.03.19 New England Patriots 6/1 BET
02.03.19 New Orleans Saints 20/1 BET
02.03.19 New York Giants 85/1 BET
02.03.19 New York Jets 100/1 BET
02.03.19 Oakland Raiders 30/1 BET
02.03.19 Philadelphia Eagles 10/1 BET
02.03.19 Pittsburgh Steelers 10/1 BET
02.03.19 San Francisco 49ers 25/1 BET
02.03.19 Seattle Seahawks 30/1 BET
02.03.19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 65/1 BET
02.03.19 Tennessee Titans 50/1 BET
02.03.19 Washington Redskins 80/1 BET

Super Bowl Line and More

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