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NFC Championship Odds


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NFL Lines

Date Team Odds
01.21.18 49ers 125/1 BET
01.21.18 Bears 75/1 BET
01.21.18 Buccanneers 15/1 BET
01.21.18 Cardinals 17/1 BET
01.21.18 Cowboys 16/2 BET
01.21.18 Eagles 18/1 BET
01.21.18 Falcons 6/1 BET
01.21.18 Giants 16/2 BET
01.21.18 Lions 32/1 BET
01.21.18 Packers 11/2 BET
01.21.18 Panthers 13/1 BET
01.21.18 Rams 100/1 BET
01.21.18 Redskins 30/1 BET
01.21.18 Saints 20/1 BET
01.21.18 Seahawks 20/4 BET
01.21.18 Vikings 18/1 BET

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