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NBA Lines

Date # Team Spread Money Line Total Points
4.1.15 503 Philadelphia 76ers 11.0 (-110) OFF 194.0o (-110)
7:05 PM 504 Washington Wizards -11.0 (-110) OFF 194.0u (-110)
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4.1.15 505 San Antonio Spurs -8.0 (-110) OFF 200.0o (-110)
7:05 PM 506 Orlando Magic 8.0 (-110) OFF 200.0u (-110)
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4.1.15 507 Indiana Pacers 3.5 (-110) OFF 200.5o (-110)
7:35 PM 508 Boston Celtics -3.5 (-110) OFF 200.5u (-110)
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4.1.15 511 Chicago Bulls -5.5 (-110) OFF 192.0o (-110)
8:05 PM 512 Milwaukee Bucks 5.5 (-110) OFF 192.0u (-110)
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4.1.15 521 Los Angeles Clippers 3.0 (-110) OFF 208.0o (-110)
10:05 PM 522 Portland Trail Blazers -3.0 (-110) OFF 208.0u (-110)
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4.1.15 523 New Orleans Pelicans -8.0 (-110) OFF 195.0o (-110)
10:35 PM 524 Los Angeles Lakers 8.0 (-110) OFF 195.0u (-110)
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