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NBA Championship Odds

NBA Championship Odds @ Linesmaker

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NBA Championship Odds

Date Team Odds
06.15.15 Atlanta Hawks 80/1 BET
06.15.15 Boston Celtics 300/1 BET
06.15.15 Brooklyn Nets 65/1 BET
06.15.15 Charlotte Hornets 60/1 BET
06.15.15 Chicago Bulls 15/2 BET
06.15.15 Cleveland Cavaliers 3/1 BET
06.15.15 Dallas Mavericks 28/1 BET
06.15.15 Denver Nuggets 75/1 BET
06.15.15 Detroit Pistons 300/1 BET
06.15.15 Golden State Warriors 28/1 BET
06.15.15 Houston Rockets 35/1 BET
06.15.15 Indiana Pacers 120/1 BET
06.15.15 Los Angeles Clippers 10/1 BET
06.15.15 Los Angeles Lakers 150/1 BET
06.15.15 Memphis Grizzlies 60/1 BET
06.15.15 Miami Heat 50/1 BET
06.15.15 Milwaukee Bucks 500/1 BET
06.15.15 Minnesota T-Wolves 400/1 BET
06.15.15 New Orleans Pelicans 70/1 BET
06.15.15 New York Knicks 60/1 BET
06.15.15 Oklahoma City Thunder 7/1 BET
06.15.15 Orlando Magic 300/1 BET
06.15.15 Philadelphia 76ers 1000/1 BET
06.15.15 Phoenix Suns 100/1 BET
06.15.15 Portland Blazers 50/1 BET
06.15.15 Sacramento Kings 400/1 BET
06.15.15 San Antonio Spurs 7/2 BET
06.15.15 Toronto Raptors 50/1 BET
06.15.15 Utah Jazz 400/1 BET
06.15.15 Washington Wizards 40/1 BET

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