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MLB Betting Trends

Review live MLB betting trends data for the cumulative MLB betting volume at Linesmaker.

Our MLB betting trends feature represents real time betting analytics of the overall MLB betting volume of our baseball bettors.

MLB Betting Trends

There are currently no betting lines available. There are no open events on which to bet at this time, as odds are being updated or the sport is not in season.

To view all available betting lines see: All Betting Lines


Understanding MLB Betting Trends Analytics

Our MLB betting trend information shows our current point spread, money line and total (over/under) odds for upcoming MLB games. Next to each of these betting lines, is a bar graph and percentage value representing the current betting trend. The percentage represents the total betting volume on each team for the applicable betting line for each game.

The MLB betting trend data indicates the cumulative betting volume of our baseball betting members but does not reflect the total amount of wagers.

MLB Betting Trends, Lines and More

Linesmaker Sports Betting is the premier destination for live MLB lines and all your favorite sports betting odds. Our live baseball odds and betting trend data are updated continuously.

We provide point spreads, money lines, totals (over/under), propositions and futures for MLB well as live in-game betting for individual games. If you enjoy MLB betting and all other baseball betting, Linesmaker is ready to take your bet.

If you’re not a current member but want in on the MLB betting action, create a free sports betting account today. The process is easy and you’ll be ready to bet on MLB games in just a few minutes.

Note: Linesmaker’s MLB betting trends information does not in any way represent an endorsement of which team to wager on or an opinion of any kind. Our betting data is for informational purposes only and simply represents the collective betting volume of our MLB wagering clients.