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‘Squares’ Ventures into Linesmaker Territory

This season, Linesmaker has rolled out ‘Squares’ for its doting members, aiming to strike it rich. Looking to give a big boost to their cash reserves, Linesmaker members can participate in the much-awaited contest by selecting their exclusive squares on the game board and then submit it while making a purchase. Here we outline how to create and register your own square on the game board.

Get Ready to Square Off

Linesmaker members can generate a square by pressing the ‘Random’ button. Additionally, clicking the #sign along a row or column would allow them to select all squares in that row or column. However, they can use only cash funds to purchase entries. Once they have made a purchase, they will reserve an exclusive right over the selected square. Further, they will be entitled to numbers, exclusive to them, on the game board. Each contest features full payouts for every quarter or half prize, irrespective of the number of entrants.

The Linesmaker Squares


The Linesmaker Squares


The Linesmaker Squares


How to Play ‘Squares’?

Entering SQUARES and taking your shot at the prizes is very simple.

The winners will be decided only on the basis of the total score of each team at the end of the first, second, and third quarters, coupled with the Finals.
The least significant digit in each team’s total score is compared with the grid of the square. If you are the lucky owner of the square where those numbers coincide, then you may propose your claim to returns.
For instance, suppose the Denver Broncos stand at 16 while the Carolina Panthers are perched at 20 at the conclusion of the second quarter. In this situation, the least significant digits for the Broncos and the Panthers are 6 and 0 respectively. The square on the game board having Denver number 6 and Carolina number 0 will fetch the 2nd Quarter Prize.
The ‘Final Score’ counts in any points scored in ‘Overtime’, if the game is stretched to that extent.

The Linesmaker Squares: Exclusively for Members

The Linesmaker Squares and all our sports betting contests are free and exclusively for Linesmaker members. If you are a member, log in and place your bets now.

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Proportion of the Prize Pool Assigned for Each Quarter

NFL, NCAA Football, and NBA
• 1st Quarter: 1/5 of the Prize Pool
• 2nd Quarter: 1/5 of the Prize Pool
• 3rd Quarter: 1/5 of the Prize Pool
• Final Score: 2/5 of the Prize Pool
NCAA Basketball
• 1st Half: 2/5 of the Prize Pool
• Final Score: 3/5 of the Prize Pool
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