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A Better Bad Beat Jackpot

The bad beat can be painful and potentially costly. We have all taken one at one time or another! At Linesmaker, you may wish it happened to you more often. Well at least on Wednesdays when we run our Better Bad Beat Jackpot tables where players can turn their worst bad beat into the biggest pot ever won.

Introducing the better Bad Beat Jackpot at Linesmaker Poker. We know other poker rooms have bad beat jackpot promotions but you will find ours is clearly better.

How Our Bad Beat Jackpot is Better


It’s Funded by Us!

Unlike other sites that take additional rake to feed the Bad Beat jackpot we don’t take any! Every dollar in the jackpot was funded by us.


It’s Easier to Hit!

We’ve lowered our bad beat requirements. Now if you lose holding a four of a kind eights or higher hand you’ll trigger the jackpot.


It’s Everywhere!

You don’t have to be playing on a special bad beat table. Our bad beat jackpot applies to almost all of our real money Texas Hold’em tables. Whenever you see the Bad Beat Jackpot prize counter in the upper left hand corner of the table showing a cash balance the Bad Beat Jackpot is running!

‘When the jackpot hits, every active player at the table will immediately receive a portion of the prize money. The player holding the losing hand will receive the biggest percentage. Here’s how the Bad Beat Jackpot will be paid out:

38% to the player with the losing hand.
20.5% to the player with the winning hand.
20.5% distributed to all other players dealt in the hand.
21% to reseeding the jackpot.
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Better Bad Beat Jackpot Rules and Requirements