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Keno Enters Linesmaker Casino Lobby


Linesmaker is a fitting destination for casino enthusiasts. It is certain to happen when you have an extensive selection of amazing online casino games under a single roof. Keeping up with all the latest trends and breakthroughs in the commercial gambling industry, Linesmaker has introduced a new game for its members. Brace yourself for our new game, Keno, which has gained an entry into our casino lobby.

The New Casino Game

Keno is a lottery-like gambling game where players place their bets by picking numbers ranging from 1 through (usually) 80. Once all players mark their bets, 20 numbers are drawn at random. Similar to lotteries and bingo, the numbers may be drawn using a ball machine. The other technique employed for drawing these numbers might be a random number generator (RNG).

Payouts in Keno depends on how many numbers the player chooses and the total number of “hit” out of them, multiplied by the proportion of the player’s initial wager to the “base rate” of the paytable. A player is entitled to a greater payout provided a player chooses more numbers and more are the number of “hit” out of them.

So, get ready to press your luck with Keno!

Casino Games and Much More…

The addition of Keno in our exclusive range of popular casino games makes our members go gaga. Enjoy casino madness with over 150 live casino games anytime on any device. Not a member yet? Register for your free sports betting account and enjoy uninterrupted casino action.

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Billy O'Shea has been a sports writer for Linesmaker Sports since 2012. Raised in Toronto, Canada he has a keen interest in sports analytics especially wagering behavior as a predictive model for sports outcomes.